Proof Testing

2.5 Series IntensifierProof testing is a pressure test to prove an object can withstand a predefined amount of pressure. This method proves an object’s integrity and that it works safely within its defined specifications. Unlike burst testing, which is a destructive form of testing, proof testing usually doesn’t entail deforming the object being tested. It’s often performed as a check for seals or welds/brazes (leak testing).


Harwood’s Proof Testing Services

Harwood is capable of performing proof testing up to 200,000 PSI. We work with clients in a number of different industries on a variety of objects, from medical devices to electrical sensors and beyond. All of our proof tests are performed with liquid (hydrostatic); after an object passes a hydrostatic test, it is possible to subject it to a pneumatic (gas) test to further prove seal integrity.


Please contact us today to discuss proof testing options for your specific application. Harwood Engineering is a trusted high pressure testing provider and we’d love to help you with your next project!