Low Cycle Fatigue Testing

Liquid Pumps | Low Cycle Fatigue TestingLow cycle fatigue testing involves the repeated pressurization of an object to set maximum pressure, usually a couple thousand pressurizing cycles. The purpose of a fatigue test is to explore the reaction of the object (the integrity of the material, seals, walls, shape, joints or welds, etc) when exposed to cyclical loading. Fatigue testing is necessary for investigating the integrity of the subject and its safety over the life of the product.

Harwood’s Low Cycle Fatigue Testing Capabilities

Harwood has extensive experience performing low-cycle fatigue testing on everything from small medical devices to pressure sensors, metal parts with welded or brazed joints, small volume cylinders, reaction chambers, pressure vessels, and more. We have collaborated with companies and organizations in many fields, including the medical, aerospace/aviation, military, armament research & development industries, and more.


We have the capability to build testing systems up to 200,000 psi and have designed and sold fatigue testing machines capable of tens of thousands of cycles.  


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