Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing utilizes pressurized liquid either inside or outside of an object to be tested. A number of different approaches can be used to test or measure everything from overall strength to failure and leak points.  There are constraints on the fluids which can be used.  Up to 100,000 psi water is generally used.  Beyond that, a mixture of water (50%) and any antifreeze (50%) is used. Harwood Engineering also has pumps that use DTE oil at pressures up to 20,000 psi and gasoline up to 200,000 psi.

Benefits of Hydrostatic Testing

  • A safer medium than gas testing because of less potential energy (compressibility) at equal pressures
  • Convenient way to proof test for leaks on your component
  • Allows for data collection for sensor applications with hydrostatic pressures up to 200,000 psi

High Pressure Hydrostatic Test Equipment & Services

At Harwood Engineering we are proud to offer hydrostatic pressure testing equipment & services catered to your specific needs and purposes. With 70 years of experience, we will work with you to design and perform a variety of tests or provide you with the pressure testing equipment necessary to do it yourself.


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