Available Pressure Testing Systems

Innovative Solutions for High Flow Applications

The table below shows some of the pressure generators that Harwood Engineering currently has available in the shop. Some of this pressure testing equipment is available for lease as well, contact us today for additional information.

Maximum Operating Pressure Equipment Test Fluid
20,000 psi Air operated pump Water or oil
50,000 psi 15 horsepower hydraulically driven pump; 60 inch³/min displacement Water  *
100,000 psi 15 horsepower hydraulically driven pump; 40 inch³/min displacement Water  *
200,000 psi Air operated system Coleman fuel
200,000 psi 5 horsepower hydraulically driven pump, 3.6 inch³/stroke displacement Water and anti-freeze mix
200,000 psi 5 horsepower gas booster Helium, nitrogen, argon (argon limited to 150000   psi )

* These pressure testing systems typically used for large volume work, where high flows are required.


Safe Pressure Testing Equipment

Harwood’s facility includes equipment suitable for the safe testing of high pressure equipment, which includes:

  • 300 ton & 500 ton presses
  • 1 Underground pit 8ft x 7ft x 6ft deep
  • 2 Steel “clam shell” energy absorption shields
  • Various smaller local shielding devices
  • Blast Mat

To facilitate the handling of heavy items, the test site has available:

  • 5-ton and 1-ton overhead crane
  • 2-ton fork lift
  • Engine hoistPressure Testing Equipment