Burst Testing

Burst Test PitBurst testing is an internal pressure test where a pressure generating machine is used to increase internal pressure in an object until it bursts or the seals fail to hold. An alternative for burst testing is “collapse testing”, where external pressure is applied to a self-sealed object until the object inside collapses and fails (if it’s a hollow tube it will eventually noticeably buckle or column under external pressure). Burst testing is typically performed using liquid (hydrostatic test). Burst testing is a permanent destructive test where the test subject cannot be returned to usable condition.


This process is useful in checking the safety of products, proving structural integrity or rating limits, and providing a basis for product failure analysis in research and development. A burst test will reveal the pressure at which an object or product failed with a time-pressure chart record of the event and the ability to study the object after the test. Burst testing is typically used on everything from medical devices, welded and brazed objects, glass/ceramic seals, tubing, pipes, nipples, valves, actuators, fittings, and cylinders. Our clients include companies and organizations from a range of industries including gas and oil, medical, military and government R&D, industrial manufacturing, plumbing, and failure analysis/product development.


Harwood’s Burst Testing Capabilities

Harwood is a trusted provider of burst and collapse testing services. We highly consider the safety of each inquiry, considering your product’s background and composition to calculate the predictable failure modes. Harwood is equipped with safety equipment and an underground blast pit to use when necessary, with a maximum pressure limit of 200,000 psi.


Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced engineers about your specific project needs. We look forward to providing you with the burst and collapse testing services you need!