Internal Pressure Test

The most common types of internal pressure test we do are leak/proof testing of new products, and autofrettaging. Special adaptors, plugs, and test fixtures may be designed if necessary to accommodate your product. We have the proper safety equipment to handle dangerous test work- important for burst testing for failure study purposes and proof testing where safety factors are near critical limits.


Complex test procedures involving pressure and/or temperature cycling are feasible to an extent. Contact us for any type of special testing application and we will gladly consider the options.

Autofrettage Service 

Autofrettaging is a process where over pressure past the yield point is applied briefly to cause favorable residual stress patterns, leading to increased fatigue life. Autofrettage is a vital process for the safety of ordnance equipment and any other situations that could result in failure due to the initial deformation of the bore when working pressure is applied, such as fuel injector rails for large diesel truck engines.


Harwood Engineering offers autofrettaging up to 200,000 psi.
Autofrettage Pressure Test

Low Cycle Fatigue Test

For those who need to evaluate resistance to fatigue, we offer low cycle fatigue testing in house to 100,000 psi.

Burst Testing

This high pressure study will tell the customer where their sample yields and at what pressure the sample would break. Burst testing is generally a liquid test. Speak with a Harwood engineer about predicting burst pressure and how to test your product safely.