External Pressure Testing

Pressure Test Capacity

The most common types of external pressure testing we do are leak/proof testing of new products, and isostatic compactions. In general, external pressure tests are not complex. Whatever it is that is being tested must be able to fit into one of our containment vessels that we have on site, therefore, there are limitations as to what we can accommodate.


Please contact us if you are interested in pressure testing, and we should be able to quickly answer any questions or concerns about meeting your requirements.


Here are some of the vessel sizes we have in our facility readily available for external pressure tests:


20,000 psi: 7 1/2”Ø x 14” Lg.

100,000 psi: 2”Ø x 12  3/4” Lg.

200,000 psi: 2 1/2”Ø x 15” Lg.

External High Pressure Testing
External Low Pressure Testing