Pumps & Compressors Available for Leasing

If you have a short term project that requires high pressure, we have options for high pressure pump rental or compressor available for lease. The most popular is our air operated panel. It is a versatile and economical liquid pump for 200,000 psi, suitable for many applications.


Rental UnitMax. psiServiceCapacity (in/min.)Utilities Required
DA-460,000Liquid553 Phase Power, 110 Volts, Cooling Water
DA-7100,000Liquid403 Phase Power, 110 Volts, Cooling Water
DA-7100,000Inert GasVaries3 Phase Power, 110 Volts, Cooling Water, Shop Air
SA-10200,000Liquid3.63 Phase Power, 110 Volts, Cooling Water
SA-10200,000Inert GasVaries3 Phase Power, 110 Volts, Cooling Water
Air-Operated Panel200,000Liquid1.22110 Volts, Shop Air

Air Operated Panel for Lease | High Pressure Pump Rental
Liquid service uses either water up to 100,000 psi or a water and ethylene glycol mixture to 200,000 psi. Oil can be used to 60,000 psi. Some inert gases can be used to 200,000 psi as well. If different fluids are required for a test, contact us to determine feasibility.
We also have a Bridgman-type double press with co-axial drive cylinders.  Large drive force 500 tons and small drive force 125 tons – maximum pressure 430,000 psi and maximum temperature 3,000°F.


High pressure pump rental is available for use at either your plant or at Harwood Engineering.  All units are subject to a prior commitment.  These rentals are not available for sale, however, a new model can be made to order for purchase and various modifications can be made as well.  Please contact our engineers at Harwood Engineering for more details.