High Pressure Equipment Consultation

Consultation, Inspection, Training & Refurbishing

Harwood Engineering welcomes all inquiries regarding high pressure equipment, and will work with you to provide a practical, economical, and most importantly – safe solution to any of your application needs.


Trained and experienced Harwood personnel are available for equipment consulting, planning, design, and execution for any specific high pressure projects. Our general pressure range is between 20,000 psi and 200,000 psi for specialty pumps, vessels, and ancillary equipment.


High Pressure Equipment Training & Support
We offer training and support for all high pressure products and systems we sell. Operating and maintenance manuals are provided along with every system we sell. Technical support is available for any specific questions, troubleshooting advice, refurbishing options, and general operating recommendations. Spare parts kits are available for sealing components. Contact us for information on spare parts and troubleshooting.


Pressure Testing Product Inspection and Refurbishment

Whether you need an inspection of regularly used Harwood equipment or if you are considering re-vamping an old system – such as a University’s high pressure laboratory equipment that has been out of commission for some time – we can talk to you about your options and quote your individual case. Contact the experts at Harwood Engineering today!


Refurbishing DWT


High Pressure Equipment Inspection