Cold Isostatic Pressing

Cold Isostatic pressing is a manufacturing process wherein a powder is put into a bag or a sort of mold, and closed off; the bag is put into a vessel and subjected to pressure. Upon release of the pressure, the powder is pressed into a cohesive shape. Isostatic compactions allow the creation of complex shapes from alloys that are generally produced as powder, such as tungsten carbide and aluminum oxide. Many plastic shapes are also produced this way. Typically used for making tungsten carbide tools and aluminum oxide components, nanotechnology companies have also been researching compressing nanoparticles into wafers for new technologies and products such as super insulator materials for use on rocket engines.

Harwood’s Isostatic Compaction Capabilities

Harwood is equipped to handle small batch isostatic compactions with pressures up to 200,000 psi. We maintain a variety of pressure vessels of different sizes and ranges to handle your experimental compactions or cold isostatic pressing needs. As for our specific in-house capacity, we keep a 20,000 psi rated vessel with 7.5” inside diameter and 14” internal length – perfect for larger batches at relatively low pressure. We also have smaller vessels rated for higher pressure; our largest being 2.5” inside diameter by 17” internal length for 200,000 psi.


If your company is looking to try experimental compactions, Harwood Engineering Company is a great place to start. We offer reasonable flat rates for testing time, trained technicians, various pumping systems and vessel sizes, as well as a variety of test fluids such as water, water/ethylene glycol mix, DTE oil, gasoline, and others including several inert gasses.


Further to our testing services, our engineers can get you set up with a properly sized system of your own to start testing with your own equipment at your facility. Talk to an engineer about setting up a high pressure generating system and pressure vessel to suit your needs. Our standard air operated pressure generating panel for 200,000 psi is usually sufficient, or we can build a system based on appropriate intensifier size. We have standard vessel sizes available and we’ve built countless custom vessels that we can often pick from. We’ve also produced heated vessels for hot isostatic compactions.


Contact us today and we’ll be glad to assist you!