We maintain both a high pressure testing facility and high pressure calibration laboratory on site for our quality control purposes and we offer these for services to our clients.

Calibration Services

We maintain a pressure standards laboratory with primary and secondary standards traceable to NIST for pressures up to 200,000 psi. Instruments are calibrated against either Harwood’s controlled clearance free piston gauges (Primary Standard) or Manganin cell (Secondary Standard). Dynamic calibrations up to a range of 0 – 150,000 psi are available as well.

Pressure Testing Services

Harwood is capable of a variety of pressure testing services, such as isostatic compactions, proof testing, leak testing, burst testing, and product autofrettage. We also offer small sample low-cycle fatigue tests to 100,000 psi. We maintain a test facility to generate and contain pressures up to 200,000 psi, and can – with one month’s notice – go to 30 kilobar. Tests can be done with liquid or inert gas.


We have a staff with over 150 years of combined high pressure experience available to help you resolve your high pressure problems.

Leasing Information

Pumps and compressors for variable pressure and flow ranges up to 200,000 psi.