Powder Bomb Pressure Vessel Design

Harwood’s unique pressure vessel design of the Powder Bomb Vessel was originally fabricated for use as a closed bomb for ordnance work related to ballistics research. Used as a tool to test the burn rate of explosives and propellants as a function of pressure and initial temperature, it allows for ignition and combustion studies in a controlled laboratory setting – such as necessary for developing formulae for solid rocket propellants.


This closed chamber vessel is also suitable for service with liquids for isostatic compactions or for inert gases for other research purposes.


The vessel has a single closure on one end, with a 2″ diameter cavity with a spherical end. The pressure port – for Harwood 12H piping – is built into the spherical end. Our standard design has a 200cc working cavity. Variants on this design exist to take the working cavity up to 2,400cc or as small as 20cc.


Powder Bomb Pressure Vessel Design
The Powder Bomb Vessel is rated for 125,000 psi service for general purpose use. For ordnance use, pressure rating is limited to 100,000 psi because the electrode and dynamic gages used for pressure measurement are rated for 100,000 psi. The vessel is typically sold with a standard trunnion mount to allow either horizontal or vertical operation. It is often sold with manual release valve D-3158 for pressure let down. The vessel can also be supplied with a water cooling jacket in most cases, as shown above.


For ordnance work, closure is supplied with built in ignitor assembly and port for connection to a Kistler HP dynamic transducer (customer supplied). If not, the closure could be supplied with an option of electrical and/or pressure ports, blank, or customized to fit your needs.


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