High Pressure Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

500cc HPP VesselWith the emergence in market demand for high-pressure biotechnology, research of high-pressure processing, pascalization, and storage in the food and beverage industry, Harwood Engineering Company is pleased to offer a selection of equipment for HPP food and beverage processing laboratory research.

We are able to supply complete HPP laboratory setups consisting of pumping systems and pressure vessels, including supplementary high-pressure piping, valves, pressure transducers, and possible heating requirements.

High-Pressure Pasteurization Equipment Offered by Harwood

  • 250 cc
  • 500 cc
  • 750 cc
  • 1000 cc*

*Larger sizes and pressure ratings available upon request

High-Pressure Processing Machine Configurations

When using potable water as the process fluid, pressures up to 100,000 PSI are attainable. For water process systems, vessels are constructed of 17-4PH. Coupled with our standard 304 SST tubing and a water-compatible version of our intensifier (wetted parts constructed of 17-4PH and 13-8MO), the system is designed for water service from the beginning.

Pressure vessels can be supplied with a rugged steel trunnion frame with locking casters for easy mobility in the laboratory. Trunnion mount is also multipositional, allowing vertical, horizontal, or 45° positioning.

Pumping System Offerings

HPP Pumping SystemWe have an extensive selection of pump sizes based on your size requirements. First and foremost we would suggest our standard 100,000 PSI manually-controlled air-driven mobile pumping system based around our B2.5 intensifier. The B2.5 intensifier produces 28.9 cc per stoke. Using a manual system allows flexibility in manipulating pressure control for the operator – generally preferred for a non-production type of setting. The manual system is far and away the simplest, most reliable, and most cost-effective system.

Larger intensifiers are available and might be preferred for the bigger volume vessels. Automated pumping systems with PLC controls are offered as well, but these are generally more suited to production or pilot-plant operations.

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