Pressure Transducers – Secondary Standard

Harwood Engineering uses both Manganin® cells and strain gauge load cells as secondary standards for pressure measurement (read more on the difference between secondary and primary standards). Both of these devices are typically sold with a Precision Digital indicator and a 10 point calibration with certification records.

Strain Gauge Load Cell

The strain gauge load cell is extremely reliable and durable. These rugged pressure transducers are more suitable for general field applications.


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 Manganin® CellPressure Transducers

The Manganin® cell has greater accuracy but is more delicate. It is predominantly used as a precise calibration instrument in controlled-environment laboratory settings.


Harwood offers styles for use with both non-conductive fluids and conductive fluids. Accuracy is ±100 psi when calibrated against our secondary standard, or .02% of reading when calibrated against our primary standard DWT-1000.


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To obtain more information about Harwood’s secondary pressure standards or learn more about their extensive offering of pressure transducers and other apparatuses for pressures to 200,000 psi, contact one of their knowledgeable representatives by telephone at 508-668-3600 or by email at