Dynamic Gauges Calibrator

Dynamic GaugesPositive Step Pressure Generator

Harwood’s positive step pressure generator is designed for the calibration of dynamic gauges used in ballistic pressure transducers and similar applications. The device requires a pressure generating system – typically Harwood’s air operated panel – to feed the high pressure reservoir via the 12H connection located on the top of the device. When the quick-opening valve is triggered, fluid from the high pressure reservoir enters the sensor cavity in approximately 0.2 milliseconds.


This device can accommodate 4 transducers at a single time, making it a useful tool for examining transducer response characteristics to rapid positive pressure steps and comparing the relative response behavior of several transducers to a common pressure step.


Final pressure step values can be traced to conventional deadweight calibration figures with an accuracy of 0.4% percent by using a Strain Gaged Cell as the static reference gage at the pressure source. The precisely known reference pressure can be adjusted over a wide range of amplitudes- anywhere between 0 – 5,000 psi up to 0 – 150,000 psi.


For further technical background on the different uses of our positive step pressure generator please refer here.


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