Pressure Calibration Equipment

Harwood Engineering Company is well experienced when it comes to pressure standards for extreme high pressures, with a familiarity spanning several decades devoted to research, and having developed its own unique primary and secondary pressure measurement devices.

Harwood is pleased to offer a product line of primary standard “controlled-clearance” deadweight testers.  For secondary or transfer standard, we offer the Strain Gauged Cell (read more on primary vs secondary standards).  We also offer a secondary standard device for dynamic pressure gauge calibration up to 150,000 psi.

Primary Pressure Standards

Harwood invented the controlled clearance dead weight tester as a primary standard for pressure measurement in 1949, and it’s still at the forefront of the industry to this day. Harwood’s controlled clearance dead weight testers are free-piston gauges that have unparalleled precision and ease of use at pressures higher than any other primary standard device on the market. We offer bench models for pressures to 20,000 psi and larger floor models for pressures up to 200,000 psi and higher. Metric units are also available.

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Secondary Pressure Standards

Harwood Engineering offers the Strain Gauged Cell as a transfer standard for pressure measurement.  The Strain Gauged Cell – designed specifically for rough service – is extremely reliable and durable.  When calibrated against our dead weight tester, it can be used as a secondary standard for pressure measurement.

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Dynamic Pressure Gauge Calibration

The positive step-pressure generator is a device used to calibrate dynamic gauges ranging from as high as 0 – 150,000 psi to as small as 0 – 5,000 psi, with a surge time of approximately 0.2 milliseconds. The device is fed from a liquid pressure generating system- typically our 200,000 psi Air Operated Panel. Data acquisition equipment can be used to measure surge time and pressure readings.

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