Other High Pressure Products

Gas Separators

These innovative high pressure products using one-to-one intensifiers with a lower end supplied with hydraulic oil from a high pressure pump to drive a long piston. The gas separators are packed at both ends to compress gas fed to the upper end from bottles or other reservoirs. Because the distance between piston packings exceeds the stroke of the piston and the cylinder is provided with a weep-hole below the lowest position of the gas-end piston packing, any oil wiped by the oil-end packing never has the possibility of being carried along into the upper end of the cylinder and the compressed gas remains oil-free.


Engineered for general purpose but particularly for work in high pressure, in capacities from 50 to 5,000 tons. These presses feature Harwood’s unique O-frame design or tie-rod designs according to purpose and economy. Some units have been designed to stringent specification for rapid advance and retraction and for a wide range of ram travel under load.  Notable is a 1500 ton ram advancing at 6.5 in./min. until the instant of engaging its work; subsequent speed is variable from 0.0008 to 0.25 inches per minute. In another press speed is variable from 0.10 to ten to the minus 8th power inch per minute.

Kennedy Press

The Harwood version of this device, originally developed by Dr. George Kennedy, is a double press with two rams – one 1200 tons and the other 500.  It is used primarily for ulta high pressure (on the order of 80 kilobars) as reported in the literature. Other sizes are available upon request.

Load Cells

Incorporating the Controlled Clearance principle these cells can be used either to measure a force with great accuracy or to generate a given force with still more accuracy for calibration purposes. Cells for use to several millions of pounds are available.

Power Jacks

Harwood manufactures power jacks for laboratory and industrial presses and other uses. They feature compact designs and are actuated by oil at high pressure. Harwood can also provide the required pressure source. Some jacks are “on the shelf” for loads to 2000 tons. Inquiries are invited for special applications. With over 65 years manufacturing high pressure products and components we are confidant in our ability to deliver effective systems and solutions for any application.

To learn more about our selection of high pressure products, contact our team at Harwood Engineering today.