Laboratory Sized High Pressure Testing Equipment

Customized Pressure Testing Equipment & Solutions

We recognize that many institutions or organizations looking to invest in pressure testing equipment, research and development projects have unique needs and often find themselves searching for a confident and established all-in-one supplier. Here at Harwood Engineering we offer to customized high pressure generating systems, test vessels or reaction chambers, measurement devices, and other specialized tools. Harwood is confidant that our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team of high pressure experts can provide a customized solution for your pressure testing needs.

Air Operated System for Liquid to 200,000 psi

This versatile system has been a valuable tool, serving as the high pressure source for many research and development labs, geological studies, and countless high pressure studies at universities all around the world.  Customization and variations of the system’s components to suit your exact needs are easy for us to do – usually without much change in price – as most of our systems are slight variations of a similar theme.  Similar systems are available with semi-automatic and fully-automatic control, and with a large variety of pressure ranges.

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Harwood Series 2.5 Intensifiers

Our standard laboratory sized intensifiers. Originally designed for use with small liquid systems, they have occasionally been used for the last stage of gas compressors. There are a few models to choose from, all with varying pressure ratings and displacements – usually sufficient for laboratory type work. Information on our larger intensifiers can be found on the page Intensifiers, Hydraulically Driven Pumps, & Compressors.

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Gas Boosters

We have come to designate a few of our more popular gas compressors as “standard” offerings. The DA-4 and SA-7 inert gas compressor systems are two standard offerings which often find use in laboratory work. The SA-10 is another intensifier commonly fitted for gas compressor systems but is more often used for industrial applications such as chemical plants, polyethylene production, and other pilot plant operations.

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Special Purpose Laboratory Tools

Harwood has developed tools that allow the measurement of various physical properties of different materials using lead thrus, windows and special tools designed for scientific studies.

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Harwood Engineering’s pumping systems, pressure vessels, and related pressure testing equipment are ideal for applications such as autofrettage of small parts, implosion studies, chemical processing studies, small batch isostatic compactions, miniature fatigue systems with automatic controls, pilot plant research, and much more.