Air Operated Pressure Panel

For Liquid to 200,000 psi

Based upon the well-proven Harwood A-2.5-J intensifier for pressure generation, the Harwood air-operated pressure panel provides a convenient, manually–controlled 200,000 psi source of pressure. This panel can reasonably be used with pressure vessels at 200,000 psi and a capacity of 30 cubic inches (500cc).


The unit requires a floor space of 40” x 30” and stands 83” tall.  It is mounted on wheels for easy mobility around the laboratory. It requires shop air at 80-100 psi and 1 ampere of 1 phase power to operate. The standard unit is complete, only requiring connection to the utilities mentioned above.


The drive pressure fluid can be any hydraulic oil whose viscosity at room conditions is 150 SSU or so. The standard fluid for liquid service at 200,000 psi is a mixture of 50% tap water and 50% ethylene-glycol based automotive antifreeze.


Pressure is typically measured with Harwood’s Strain Gaged Cell pressure transducer. At 200,000 psi, the accuracy of these cells is ± 0.75% of full scale. There is a 4-20 mA slaved analog output available for logging data.

Air Operated Pressure Panel Front ViewAir Operated Pressure Panel Back View
















Similar systems are available with semi-automatic and fully-automatic control, and with a large variety of pressure ranges. More information can be found on the High Pressure Equipment page.