High Pressure Liquid Pumps

The way we go about making our liquid pumps is largely based on the clients needs. Because our equipment may be used for a variety of applications, each system is typically designed/sized according to it’s intended end-use. Most of our liquid pumping systems are built for a specific application, whereas our air operated panel unit is more of a universal system, suitable for many miscellaneous applications. Hence it is important for our engineers to be familiar with the expected use of the equipment to optimize design efficiency.


High pressure discharge rates, desired flow rates, expected cycling and piston speed contributing to packing wear, volumes required/reservoir sizes, heating/cooling needs, horsepower, fluid used, safety requirements, ease of maintenance, access to repairs, and many other things factor into designing each system.


Harwood Engineering recently developed a system for the pressure testing and autofrettage of small parts, mainly used for small parts application in the diesel engine community. For more information, read our news article.


Below are some examples of liquid pumping systems we have built in the past.




DA-10 Liquid Pumps

DA-10 variable volume pumping system 200,000 psi with up to 75HP drive

Liquid Pumps

DA-14 pumping system for 200,000 psi feeding an sa-15  for  300,000 psi