SA-7 Gas Booster 200,000 PSI Max

The SA-7 gas booster is designed for 200,000 psi max service. 2 stages ensure maximum pumping efficiency at these high pressures.
The low pressure (2,000 psi max) drive equipment consists of oil reservoir, electric motor and pump, pressure regulating valve, directional control valve, driving pressure indicating gage, a differential filtering system and a hydraulic check valve.


The high pressure ends consist of two piston-cylinder assemblies proportioned for 2 stage compression, optimizing the efficiency and minimizing the thermodynamic heat of compression. Check valves, necessary high pressure piping, and high pressure discharge instrumentation are supplied.


These boosters will accept bottle pressures (as low as 500 psi) as the inlet source – higher inlet pressures are preferred for increased pumping performance. Relatively large high pressure pistons and long strokes result in high volumetric efficiencies and slow pistons speeds to minimize maintenance.


The SA-7 gas booster is designed for manual operation.

SA-7 Gas Booster Features:

  • 200,000 psi max working pressure
  • 2 stages for increased pumping efficiency
  • Pumping speed control for ease of operation
  • Up to 7.5 horsepower hydraulic drives
  • Digital instrumentation
  • Available for service with Hydrogen and other gases
    SA-7 Gas Booster