Gas Booster Systems

Harwood Engineering has produced gas booster systems for industrial, military and laboratory use. Systems have ranged from pilot plant sized Ethylene compressors to small 1 horsepower units for 14 kilobar service. We can offer systems for use with inert gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, etc.) as well as Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and others. Depending on requirements, these systems are offered with single acting (SA) or double acting (DA) intensifiers in single or multiple stages.


Intensifiers for gas service consist of a low pressure driving cylinder coupled to a high pressure cylinder with a separating yoke in between to prevent contamination of the gas in the event of a seal failure. High pressure pistons are non-lubricated and hence do not contaminate the compressed gas.


Gas Booster Schematic

These boosters will accept bottle pressures (as low as 500 psi) as the inlet source – higher inlet pressures are preferred for increased pumping performance. Relatively large high pressure pistons and long strokes result in high volumetric efficiencies, and slow piston speeds help to minimize maintenance.


Gas boosters can be designed for manual or automatic control. Automatic controls utilize the high pressure instrumentation to set the desired pressure and hold as required.


Below is a list of our most common systems:


  • DA-4 60,000 PSI Max
  • SA-4 100,000 PSI Max
  • DA-7 100,000 PSI Max
  • SA-7 200,000 PSI Max
  • SA-10 200,000 PSI Max

Variations of these systems can be produced without problem for Harwood’s engineers. Many similar designs have been made and may very well be sufficient and practical for your intended purpose. Custom gas booster systems are variations of a common theme well known by Harwood Engineering Company.


If you are interested in procuring a high-pressure gas booster system and know the general perimeters you want, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details – we may already have the solution you are looking for.