About Us

Harwood Engineering – Experts in Pressure Testing, Calibration and Custom Components

Harwood Engineering Company is your specialist for all things high pressure. We offer both standard and custom-designed components and systems, as well as instrument calibration and pressure testing services, consulting, and leasing.


Unusual requests are our specialty. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects where the need for extreme environments of both pressure and temperature are the foundation for our clients work. Our goal is to provide our clients with the equipment they need to carry out their work.  Please take a look through our timeline of accomplishments and browse the articles section to explore our capabilities.

Our History

Harwood was started by Donald H. Newhall in 1947 in answer to the demands of industrial and technical organizations for high-pressure equipment of size and range greater than elsewhere available. Hardware for generating and measuring pressure with associated piping and valving in various sizes reaching to 200,000 psi has been offered from the start. In fact, we were the sole supplier of equipment above 3 Kilobar (45,000 psi) in the United States at the time.


In the passing years, products of the company have proliferated both in range and variety; they include fittings suitable for gas pressure of 350,000 psi, systems incorporating vessels for 430,000 psi and special devices operating to over 2,000,000 psi (anvil apparatus), with pumps, compressors and intensifiers ranging from hand-operated models up to 150 H.P. electro-hydraulic units.


Harwood has developed the “Controlled Clearance” principle upon which primary standards of pressure to as high as 30 Kilobar are used throughout the world. We currently offer primary force standards using a variant of this same principle.

Who We Are

Harwood is a small firm– only 9 employees. This affords us the ability to know our clients well and to meet their needs with personal exemplary service. Our offices, machine shop, standards lab, test facility and workshop are all under one roof and conveniently located in Walpole, Massachusetts. Please feel free to contact our expert team today, or if you have a project in mind, request a quote online.